GroWeather® Starter Bundle Cellular




It all starts with the weather. This starter bundle will get your EnviroMonitor system up and running. Includes a Cabled GroWeather Sensor Suite (6820C), an EnviroMonitor Cellular Gateway (6802A), a 15-Minute Annual Service Plan (6894), and the Gateway Activation fee (6645).


Easy setup: set up your GroWeather sensor suite, then use the EnviroMonitor app to guide you to easily install the Gateway and plug the sensor suite cable into the Gateway to start automatically uploading your weather data to the WeatherLink Cloud via a cellular connection.

GroWeather’s corrosion-proof sensor suite gives you the temperature, humidity, rain, dew point, wet bulb temperature, wind chill, heat index, and wind speed and direction, as well as Solar Radiation Sensor for ET. The detachable anemometer can be sited up to 40’ above the other sensors. Data is updated every 2.5 seconds. The sensor suite operates from -40 to +150F (-40 to +65C) with Davis’s excellent accuracy and reliability.

The included service plan gives you uploads to the WeatherLink Cloud every 15 minutes.

Gateway collects data from the sensor suite and pushes it securely to the WeatherLink Cloud using cellular connectivity. Powered by oversized solar panel, with a rechargeable 6-volt battery backup. Gateway also provides power for the sensor suite. Mounting hardware included.

Grow your system by adding Nodes and sensors. Nodes report via a mesh network to the Gateway and can accommodate 4 sensors each. Choose from a growing list of Davis and third-party sensors including soil moisture, temperature and humidity, salinity, leaf wetness, anemometers and many more.


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GroWeather User Manual


GroWeather Specification Sheet


EM Gateway User Manual

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