About Me

Let’s work together, to bring your product to market and across the finish line of success.

Allan Fetters

I’m Allan Fetters, owner of AGceleration Advisory Service. For the last 30+ years, I worked with agriculture businesses in bringing their innovation to life successfully. During my tenure, I spent time in field research, sales, marketing, business management, and technology development and implementation.

I noticed a need to help guide new entrepreneurs in bringing their products to market, which is what I do today. My experience and expertise allows me to work directly with you in getting your product to the market at a pace that is going to be successful.

My two passions are innovated agriculture and running, which are a lot alike in the fact that you have to set a pace when entering either a road race or the race to market, or you most likely won’t win. It takes planning, training, and hard work to accomplish your goals and dreams, but it’s 100% possible if you have the right people on your team.

After spending over 30 years providing growers with products and services such as crop protectants, fertilizers, seeds, and technologies, I joined their ranks and began farming. I currently farm almonds and pistachios in the Central Valley of California and now found a new appreciation and understanding of how value impacts the decision-making on the farm. 

I’m totally invested in my client’s success because I know the value they bring to the world. Having dedication, discipline, and drive in the work I do allows me to come on as a great team member for my clients.

I strive to increase the pace of commercialization and adoption of new innovations that bring value to the agriculture industry. Ready to work together? Book a call with me today, let’s talk about your innovation!


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