Setting the pace in agricultural innovation

Agceleration Advisory Service

I help agricultural innovators and entrepreneurs set the pace to successfully commercialize their products.

Your invention

You have a new innovation that will help farmers make their lives easier while being more efficient, productive, and sustainable in their operation. There’s no doubt your innovation is needed in this world! Yet you are wondering, how to get your innovation to the market and into the grower’s hands?

You have no idea where to start

Your new invention has huge potential in the marketplace, but you don’t know where to start in getting it in the customer’s hands.

You want to move fast

You’re excited to get your invention into people’s hands! You want to move fast so you can start making profit.

You need to connect the pieces

You want to connect the pieces and know exactly what the road to success will look like for your new innovation.

Set up your innovation for success

Let’s create a success plan to get your product to the market. I help people pave the path to bring their innovation to life bypassing common road blocks that happen in the process. Being you are so close to your product and business, it can be difficult to recognize potential future problems. I’m just as invested in my clients products as they are in moving their innovation down the road of success. 

“We had high expectations before engaging with Allan and he delivered! From the very beginning, his approach was very analytical. That’s how he immediately spotted issues with the product and very proactively worked on its improvements until it was perfected. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, openness, and proactive approach.”

Matej Stefancic

CEO, Trapview

“Allan has served as an independent contractor providing deep expertise across many agricultural disciplines on a variety of projects with The Context Network. These strategy and management consulting projects span ag technology, ag investment, competitive intelligence, and ag inputs. Allan routinely delivers above expectations and I look forward to upcoming project opportunities to partner again together.”

Tyler Uden

Consultant, The Context Network

“I have known Allan for 20+ years. We have worked together on several projects to implement precision agriculture solutions. His understanding of the agronomic needs, the ability to use technology to achieve answers that fit, and then deliver those in a way users can take action is valuable when bringing a new solution to market. He will help your development team “get out of the weeds” of development and successfully move on the path of commercial deployment.”

Hylon Kaufmann

Director of Business Development and Marketing, Ranch Systems

Ready to work together?

If you are ready to toe the line and bring your product to life by having an expert on your team, let’s have a conversation. 

Step 1: Book call with me to see how we can work together

Step 2: Define a clear path and set the pace to successfully bring your product to the market

Step 3: Engage agriculture growers

Innovators that have crossed the finish line

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